Observetis are able to provide your organisation with an in depth security survey and risk assessment. Our experts will look at your organisation or project and provide knowledge and advice to solve problems, mitigate risk or plan for contingencies and emergencies.

Working with you we will look at what problems you have, what problems you could have and in what areas you want to strengthen or update your security. We can then work within your budget to produce a plan and recommendations that you can utilise within your organisation.

Essential elements of any successful security management plan start with the security survey. A security survey should leave you with confidence that your people and property are being adequately protected without feeling over-burdened. Observetis provide security solutions that work in the environment you are operating.

The majority of our clients are driven by corporate security guidelines. We help you operationalise those guidelines and turn them into sound operational practice. Whatever level you are operating at, we can work with you to prepare a security survey that meets your specific needs.

Case Study:

A client required advice and recommendations for upgrading a very primitive security system for their employee base abroad. Observetis consultants put together an security plan for this well known organisation that not only included upgrades to the building security (offices and sleeping quarters), we also put together a safety package for their employees, which included travel advice and safety briefings for employees arriving in country. Financial restraints were paramount and a cost effective yet robust solution was designed. Observetis consultants were then employed to oversee the implementation of the system by local contractors, to ensure standards and recommendations were adhered to and that the finished system was operationally fit for purpose.

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