Close Protection

In a world where the threat of violence, kidnapping and terror exists, Observetis are able to offer close protection services to clients to ensure your safety

We have access to some of the worlds most experienced operators that can be employed to look after you at home, at work or as you travel. Our team draw on a massive amount of experience and our operators come from military and police backgrounds. Our key personnel have worked worldwide looking after a variety of clients from media crews in war zones to celebrities and business people traveling in hostile and high risk environments.

Observetis have local connections worldwide and we can help to facilitate safety for you at home or abroad, setting up in advance all the necessary measures in preparation for your arrival.

Examples include:

  • Emergency planning
  • Reconnaissance of locations
  • Route planning and selection
  • Recommendation of hospitals & medical facilities
  • Ensuring vehicles are suitable to task & properly equipped
  • Driver training
  • Police & local security liaison

Security Drivers

Observetis have specialist security drivers that can collect and transport you safely as you go about your business.

Our drivers mainly come from specialist Police driver backgrounds and many are also ex military as well as having trained and operated in commercial security.

Case Study: Security Consultancy

One of our directors was responsible for the security of a news crew operating on front line of the rebel push on Tripoli during the uprising in Libya. There were many variables and the situation was fluid. Flexible and quick reaction methods were used to ensure that the crew could carry out their jobs and still stay as safe as possible during turbulent times. Utilising local knowledge, appropriate vehicles, medical back up, good communications and responding quickly to the ever changing situation meant the crew were able to gather incredible footage as the rebels advanced and more importantly they all returned safely after the events which are now part of history.

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Case Study: High Profile Close Protection

A US network filmed a large scale production across Latin America. Protection of the crew and the A list celebrities required a lot of planning and preparation as they travelled throughout the region. One of our directors was part of the team tasked with looking after the crew and stars when they travelled to Mexico, Colombia, Costa Rica and Peru. Reconnaissance and detailed planning in advance allowed the crew to concentrate on their own roles whilst the security bubble around then looked after them and their equipment. Close protection of the celebrities meant they were able to move safely and easily despite the attention and crowds that their high profiles drew.

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