Our access control security systems give you the power to manage the flow of people into, around and out of your buildings, helping protect your premises and staff at all times.

Observetis offer a full range of access control systems, which enable us to create solutions perfectly tailored to your individual needs. The four primary functions of access control systems are to:

  • Control where individuals are able to gain access throughout your premises
  • Manage individual user permissions to ensure access is granted to the right people and the right areas at the right time.
  • Monitor the locations of individuals within a building at all times
  • Replace mechanical keys which when lost, stolen or copied result in expensive lock replacements.

Observetis make it easy for you to have direct control and monitor who, when and where anyone in your organisation can move and access areas within your building.

An Observetis access control installation makes management simple. Our access control solutions are user friendly. They bring convenience and security together in a single package that will make you wonder how or why you used anything else before. Our systems allow you to control and record access to your premises electronically using a computer system linked to cards, tokens and readers.

Access control advantages:

Maintaining security at large sites has traditionally involved large bunches of keys. This is an inefficient method and can prove costly for replacement of keys and locks over time.

With PC based access control each staff member, or visitor, is issued with card or token that gives access to all the doors, gates or barriers to areas they are authorised to use. Present a card to a reader and access is permitted or denied as appropriate. If a card is lost you have the assurance that, no matter what, your premises will stay secure. Replacement cards can be rapidly programmed and the old cards deleted from the system.

  • Follow and track staff movements

    • Use a computer to monitor access and see who has tried to gain access to unauthorised areas. All activity is recorded, including instances of unauthorised attempts at access.
    • Keep a discrete eye on staff movements.
    • You can also ensure the security and safety of your staff with an intelligent, reliable, access control system.
    Should the worst happen and you are subject to an accident or a crime, your access control system lets you isolate specific areas and track all staff movements across the site throughout. With access control you have complete control over access for individuals or groups of people. You can also vary access according to times of the day, saving money on overnight security.
  • Time and attendance

    Access control installations can also provide a convenient means to monitor staff timekeeping and attendance. Their entry and exit times, along with their movements at other times of the day are all logged. This makes it easy for HR (or other authorised staff) to not only to monitor their staff’s attendance but also deliver detailed reports on any deficiencies.
  • Visitor management systems

    Manage and streamline front desk functions and provide a full record of visitor data.
  • Identity management solutions

    Identity management software from ADT enables on-site identity card production customised to your branding, to identify visitors, contractors, temporary and permanent staff.
  • Smart cards and biometric access control

    Smartcard technology enables users to carry a single card with a multitude of uses, such as access control, secure key management and secure PC sign-on.
  • Multiple site integrated access control solutions

    Our access control solutions are easily integrated with other intruder and CCTV systems, and can become the hub of your organisation’s electronic security infrastructure.
  • Guard tour systems

    Monitor and log the tours made by security employees to ensure the correct patterns are followed and completed on schedule - and generate alarms for any anomalies or failures.
  • Video and audio door entry systems

    Our range of basic access control systems, which include audio and video entry phone systems and keypad based solutions, can be used on single or multiple door installations.
  • Remote control and administration of multiple sites

    Our access solutions allow multiple site organisations the power to manage their access systems from one central point, or remotely, to reduce costs and centralise expertise.

Case Study: KPMG Glasgow

Observetis were sub contracted to complete the installation of access control for the new KPMG offices in Glasgow. The system was part of the overall security plan for the building and included card entry systems, turnstiles, and other access control measures for the building. Observetis also installed CCTV and intruder alarms to ensure that secure movement of authorised staff within the building.

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